General Guidelines


  • Facilities of the Club can be availed of by the member, his spouse and his dependent unmarried children below 25 years of age.
  • Members and their dependents should carry their Identity Cards to avail any facility of the Club.
  • Members may bring guests to the Club against signing in the Club Register at the Reception and on payment of the charges so designated.

Monthly Bills

  • Members bill will be generated in the first week of every month and must be paid by the 15th of the following month.If the amount remains in arrears the use of the facilities will be suspended to the defaulting member,his spouse and children.
  • In case of default members will be charged interest at the rate of 21% per annum for the amount outstanding as dues to the club.The member who is in arrears to the club shall not be permitted to enter the club even as a guest,until his dues along with the interest thereon are paid in full.

Voucher Signing

  • Members are requested to check their ID Numbers and sign vouchers clearly to avoid wrong billing.
  • Any person found signing against a false ID number of against another member’s account in liable for termination of membership.
  • Members are expected to insist on a proper receipt from the Club whenever they remit the amounts to any officer to the Club.


  • Children below 12 should generally be accompanied by their parents to the Club.Whilst children of Members are most welcome to the Club it should be ensured that children do not make excessive noise so as to disturb fellow members.Children should also not enter areas or certain functions which are specifically designated for adults.
  • No attendants may accompany a member or child into any of the activity areas of the Club.
  • Members are requested to observe appropriate dress codes as prescribed in specific areas of the Club.Members of their guests wearing bathroom slippers or hawai chappals will not be allowed to enter the Club premises.
  • The Club Management shall appreciate if the following requests are observed by the Club Member to ensure proper Car Parking.
    • Taxis shall be parked outside the Club premises.
    • Maximum preference has to be given to owner driven cars (Self driven) for parking inside the Club premises.
    • Owner driven cars with the drivers should park their cars outside the Club premises to accommodate self-driven cars inside.
    • Cars of Member’s Guests, (Self-driven or otherwise) and cars of affiliated Club members (except self driven cars) shall be parked outside the Club premises.
    • PA system on busy days is available for calling Cars Parked outside.
  • Members’ dependent children are allowed in club up to 8 pm. After that time they should be accompanied by their parent’s. Members’ dependent is not allowed to bring any guests. Affiliated Club Members can not bring any guests & they can visit the club four times in a month.
  • Members in Swimming Pool attire should confine themselves to the Pool Area or change into acceptable dress to enter other areas of the Club.
  • Swimming Costumes must be worn if entering the Swimming Pool.No pyjamas, salwars, saris or barmudas will be allowed in the Swimming Pool.
  • Guests / Invites of members attending the Dinning Halls for functions will not be allowed to any other area in the club premises.
  • Sports dress i.e. shorts will not be allowed at the Dinning Halls, Bar and Other areas. Proper club dress code to be maintained.
  • Chewing and spitting of pans masala, betel leaves and raw tobacco is prohibited.
  • Smoking will only be allowed in the verandah, lawns, the parking lot and the guest rooms apart from Bar-I, Bar-II & Pool side Bar.Smoking is banned in all other places including the common toilets.Smoke sensors connected to an alarm system is being installed in all common toilets. Pan chewing is also banned in the entire club premises except the parking lot.
  • Mobile phones and pagers are to be switched off in the Bar and Dinning Halls.If essential, members may take their calls in the corridors so as not to inconvenience fellow members.
  • Members are requested to take care of their belongings and valuables whilst on the club premises.The club will not be responsible for any damage or loss.
  • Booking for various facilities are available in each facility area or at the Club Reception.
  • A suggestion book is available at the reception on request and members are welcome to enter their suggestions.
  • No member or guest shall be permitted to bring dog or any animals into the Club premises.
  • Damaging or defacing the club property is a serious offence and is liable for disciplinary action/ termination of membership.
  • Physical assault or abuse to any member or staff is not accepted.Should the member be aggrieved he may complain to the Senior Staff on duty or inform the General Manager of the Club who will appropriately deal with the complaint.
  • Additions to these general guidelines may be made by the Management in the larger interest of the Members.
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